Since our start in 2018, OXEGEN has adopted and operating under a stringent policy that confirms its editorial freedom and the honesty of its content. All of our in-house team, contributors including editors are required to agree with our following guidelines that produce quality content and exceed industry expectations.

Honesty, we earn and keep the trust of our users at top priority and this is the backbone of the OXEGEN’s mission. In digital world the information across all channels is scattered, and it becomes more important to furnish clear and logical guidelines that allow user’s to browse freely and safely.


Freedom is our strength and creative brains are our niche that help us to connect with you freely.

Normally OXEGEN is friendly yet critical about subjects we cover, and love to come out with thoughtful and useful stories that our audience love and likes to share in their network. Each of us in our team or the contributors around the globe follow stringent code of conduct. Additionally, we take every measure to keep the thin wall between the editorial team and other media network owned by us.

Code of conduct guidelines:

  • No preconditions before coverage we discourage manipulations
  • We do not share subjects before reporting neither we provide questions before an interview nor we allow you to review our stories before we go public
  • If any of one of our team or a contributor has a conflict with an individual or a company, please be advised not to waste your time as well as ours
  • We’re not an investor in companies which we cover

XONIK MEDIA and OXEGEN pay for all travel expenses to all events, including transportation, food, and hotels. An approval is required for such kind of expenses. We do not pay to contributors but we always given them credits for their work.


Our freedom is most important to us, The OXEGEN’s correspondents are likely to stand by industry-standard ethical guidelines for reporting. We include our team or contributors take every possible precaution and care about the facts, the accuracy and the honesty in everything we cover and publish. We follow the baseline for professional conduct of our editorial staff provided by Society of Professional Journalists’code of ethics.


XONIK MEDIA has dedicated division for advertising and it is responsible for selling advertising space on our media network. Any feature on XONIK MEDIA brand sponsored by a particular company or advertiser is undoubtedly marked as an “Advertiser Content.” Advertisements XONIK MEDIA do not essentially reflect the views of or our editorial teams.

Our editorial teams do not write biased or unbiased stories and they do not accept money or other consideration from individuals or business entities to write a review or story, though some of our content might be published with the support of sponsors and we clearly mention that piece of content as “Sponsored” by the respective sponsor. Our sponsors may have this choice to choose the content which they wish to support. We do not encourage our advertising sales team to pitch such kind of advertising on our media network.

You may come across some content that include marketing links and takes you to another website to complete the purchase, this means we will get a commission for that purchase done by a user. This does not mean that our team is in fascination for such kind of business, our team is not really influenced by these affiliate programs.


XONIK MEDIA and its media brands that can be reached through many platforms, including respective sites plus their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others.


Regardless of every precaution and an effort to be accurate things still go wrong. If we discover them we immediately get on to corrections and promptly removes the inaccuracy. Sometimes it is difficult to remove a mistake and it mostly happened in videos either we try to fix the error or we may remove them and replace them it with the corrected version.

Occasionally we may have additional information about a published story and it will be available that either a continuation or explains the original story further but is not a correction. Under these conditions we may add and/or change essentials of the original story. You may find these updates at the bottom of the story, and we’ll mention the time as well as what we’ve changed in that story.

Furthermore, we may remove content if it infringes or violates the intellectual property rights of a third party or break any related law or regulation. Under these cases team a XONIK MEDIA take every measure to ensure about the intellectual property rights.


It is XONIK MEDIA’S most important responsibility to guide and suggest their users the way they interact with the website. Each review by our team contains the original facts, individual assessments and contains honest opinion about the product or the service.

Companies may provide their products to our team for a limited time so that our professional get time to evaluate and determine whether to review them. Our dedicated review team is fully equipped to evaluate the hardware as well as software over a period of time. During this entire process for product review we may consider products for a period of time and we are not responsible for breakage, and the cost associated with the product. We love to evaluate products prior launch and after launch we love to get the peoples feedback.


We only invest in our network not in companies we cover, and employees are not allowed to make exchanges in kind or cash. Additionally, our employees are prohibited to make transaction in Crypto currencies.


Neither of our employees or XONIK MEDIA top management may not be allowed to receive compensation nor they are allowed to hold any advisory or consulting role whether it is paid or unpaid in those companies which we cover. In general, each one of our team require prior written permission before taking up any journalism or write for other publication.


The XONIK Media will run contests and giveaways for our users, based on that their will be certain rules and regulations for users who participate in contest and giveaways. Despite the fact giveaways and contest are normally sponsored by an advertiser or partner, It does not mean and should not be considered as endorsements and our involvement or the products which are in contest and giveaways.


XONIK MEDIA is venture of XONIK Technologies and we’re self-funded but that does not mean that we won’t accept proposals from leading venture capitalist. We welcome companies, investors those who are interested and looking for an investment into a growing media company.

When our content touches on investor products, services our investors provide, compete with or invest in, our content is created with total editorial independence from these investors. None of our investors have influence on the content we publish or access to our editorial and publication process unless we have an agreement with an investor that specifically contemplates a content-creation partnership. If such a partnership exists, then this would be clearly disclosed to the XONIK MEDIA audience. We will also remind audiences of our relationship with major investors when we write directly about the business or other activities of such investors.


We’re always interested in hearing from you if you have a concern about our ethical standards. If you see something that doesn’t look right on XONIK MEDIA and its brands, please let us know.