We at XONIK MEDIA loves to see exciting individuals and rising community of thinkers, creative and passionate people. Our aim is to accelerate meaningful communications that are useful, informative, and filled with fun. We would always be interested to see you and there are certain guidelines when you participate either on our media brands or social media existence of our brands on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.


  • A warm welcome to all who help and produce meaningful conversation.
  • Ask a question politely and let us know about your likes and dislikes about a story, photo, review or a video, healthy communication helps.
  • We’re sorry we remove all bad words and we remove the abusive or racial language.
  • Respect others and help each other, we all are here to make a better place on internet.


All below-mentioned rules are general and this is not a long comprehensive list. We reserve every right to remove if we find inappropriate comment or communication.

  • Spam: Zero acceptance, for sure! Whether human or a robot, self-promotion, project promotion are some examples of the exclusion and in some cases, you may be banned.
  • Personal attacks: We are friendly people and we expect the same from our community. Insulting statements or abusive language will be tolerated and we’ll remove it when we see it.
  • Doxxing (Malicious Attack): Restrict yourself when it come to reveal others identifiable information.
  • Illegitimate actions: Such as links, downloadable files which has virus or any other kind of suspicious activity is restricted.
  • Pornographic/ gambling material: Not allowed. Anything beyond PG-13 is not allowed.
  • Racism, sexism, and other discrimination: You may face permanent ban if you attack someone specific.
  • Trolling: “Trolling” is a big, yet confusing, please do not test us we just stick to the topic off topic things will be surely removed and we reserve the right for the same.
  • Discussion/ Complaint/ Concern: Our coverage on vivid subjects are wide and understand that it might not sync with your personal views for that we can come out with a healthy discussion but a complaint about the covered topic is not the solution. As all the 3 terms are different in its own sense. If you do not add value please be advised not to comment. If you have a concern you can always address that in person through an email.
  • Compliment or comment physical appearance, voice, or style: Please be advised to stick to the subjects such kind of compliment or comment will be removed as early as possible.
  • One account and No throwaway emails: No multiple accounts. And No throwaway emails or communication.
  • Defamatory comments: No defamatory comments please.

Either in part or as a whole our people work to have the entire communication friendly, engaging, useful and valuable. If we found anything which is questionable we’ll come into action.


You can directly SIGN UP, CONTRIBUTE NOW or CREATE A POST at the top of the page or else you can use Facebook or Google +. You may also check our Privacy Policy, Terms of use, Cookies Policy, this might be helpful for you to understand some of the legal stuff before taking an action. Ethics Statement or Communication Preference would be helpful for you to make you understand that you are safe and secured.

Contributors can create and customize their profile. You can upload a photo and a brief about yourself and with that, you can also add your social profile.


Post & comment: We appreciate your post and comments, and just by SIGN UP you can comment on any story on our media brands. You can easily follow the conversation as they are organized beautifully. If you realize you’ve made a typo, you can correct it before it’s submitted.

Contact us: Have a news or an info or a tip? Want to contact our team? See a bug? Email us we will get in touch with you ASAP.


  • Questions related to moderation: If you have a question about moderation, please be advised to have a discussion in private mode.
  • Help our moderators: Please help moderators by flagging inappropriate comments.
  • How to become a moderator: We’re sorry we do not have any application process what we’re are looking is you should be answering a question from the community. The best person who has performed well will have a chance to be a moderator.

Comments are the best way to engage with stories and post which you will often find at XONIK MEDIA brands. You can Reply, Recommend or you can also report a Flag if you fond anything which is not acceptable.


Want to make the change in your Name or disable your account? Simply contact the moderators and they will fix things for you.