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We at XONIK Media, appreciate your insights and we would love to present you and your hidden potential in front of the world, helping us in our mission to make global brands. Our editorial team helps you to fine-tune and produce engaging content that carries connected communication globally. We work with everyone all across the globe who produce quality original content.

We constantly welcome content providers to join our contributor pool. They must have a solid desire to produce quality content.

Why should I contribute content for the XONIK Media network?

Contributing content in XONIK Media network help you build your reputation and further excel in your career. When you write for us, you become part of our “family.” This is an opportunity to get you a lot exposure and credibility, you have the potential to connect with engaging audience. Our users are friendly and active group, and we like to help each other out.

Couple of reasons to consider us:

  • Our subscriber base is increasing globally across all channels including social media.
  • Each of our published post get sustainable number of shares.
  • Top posts get even more shares.
  • Our social media followers across our platforms is growing exponentially.
  • Our authors win new clients, get new job opportunities, get interviewed, and additional exposure.

WHO is XONIK Media’s network audience?

Our users are individuals, marketers, advertisers and mid-sized B2B and B2C organizations. We cover the wide range of subjects including the niche.

Contribution Guidelines

  • We at XONIK Media encourage original, unique and inspiring content.
  • Make sure you make it personal and tell a story.
  • Make it concrete. Make it real. Give examples, details, metrics.
  • Make it long and adequate that engage and enhance connected communications.
  • Be sensible while linking to reference material. Make sure the included link works.
  • Users and readers love friendly content.
  • Contain high resolution horizontal images (PNG or JPEGs) and/or video or infographic. Make sure they have proper codes.
  • Give credit. We do not accept other’s work on you name. We request you to cite the original source.
  • Each submitted content is being reviewed, edited & approved by an editor for publication on our media network.
Qualities in contributors: You can be casual but smart, be specific, to the point, use the tags and keywords. Though we appreciate amateur writers, photographers, graphic designers, video makers and more with an inspiring Social Media existence fit the bill perfectly.

You can contribute the content on following media network:

  • oxegen
  • buzzon
  • flick18
  • fitnesson
  • ztrenz
  • gizmosgear
  • techpunch
  • ozayka
Only original contributions covering all aspects of categories that will be of interest to the modern world. Contributions can be in any form – informative and authoritative opinions, commentary, narrative writing, original reporting, photos essays, interviews, bi-weekly/monthly columns, and explainers.

What qualities we are looking in terms of contributions:

  • Inside Story: If you’ve got a corporate scoop, we would love it to publish it.
  • Original Reporting: If you have an original story and you wish to share with us. We’re interested.
  • Opinion: Your authoritative opinion about an issue which matters for the people. We’re interested and we want your strong views.
  • Data Analysis: Uncover original insights. We’re interested.
  • Reviews: Are you a gizmos geek? Do you love books, TV shows, movies, theatre or art? We’re interested in your product reviews.
  • Explainers: Explainers may help others to understand things. We’re looking forward to welcome you
  • Photo essays: If you’ve photos that express a story, address an issue, showcase something. We’re absolutely interested but it has to be original.
  • Interviews: Are always interesting and we’ll look forward for it.
  • Submission: If you’d like to submit an original piece to us, please email at
We do not automatically accept your contribution. If your idea or submission is a good fit for XONIK MEDIA, we’ll be in touch.

OR Alternatively you can fill the form and hit the submit button. We will get back to you in ASAP.

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